Chemistry 13H
Spring 1996

Professor Paul S. Weiss
Office: 407 Davey Laboratory
Phone: (814) 865-3693
Office Hours: Thursday 1:30-2:30 PM and by appointment

Secretary: Diane Maggs, 152 Davey Laboratory, (814) 865-6553

Assistant: Dr. Lloyd A. Bumm
Office: 116 Davey Laboratory
Phone: (814) 863-5516
Office hours: Tuesday 1:30-2:30 PM and by appointment

Grader: Jennifer Johnson
Office: 5 Davey Laboratory
Phone: (814) 863-8220
Office hours: Thursday 1:30-2:30 PM and by appointment

Our Amazing Demonstrator: John Cryder
Office 12 Osmond (at the front of the lecture hall)
Phone: (814) 865-5542

We will have excellent guest lecturers, including:
Prof. Tom Mallouk.
Prof. Michael J. Natan.

Some Sites for My Honors Chemistry Class:

My Research.
Chemistry on the Web 1995.
The Elements.
An Analytical Chemistry Class including equilibria.
A General Organic and Biochemistry Class.
Comets from Sky and Telescope magazine.

You just missed it! Last week's seminars.
Here are this week's seminars for all of the Eberly College of Science!
Write it down! Here are next week's seminars for the Eberly College of Science.

In an early class on acids and bases, we discussed Prof. Will Castleman's work on solvation in clusters.

Friday 26 January 1996 Class

Photography Information at Kodak.

Monday 29 January 1996 Class

An example of exothermicity (and you thought I was crazy).
Read their page and then later you can watch the movie from here (to save time downloading a 10M mpeg file).

Friday 2 February 1996 Class

The Bends Story
Comment on the bends by Prof. Gold
We mentioned fullerenes and will again. Here is a talk on fullerenes by Richard Smalley at Rice.

Monday 5 February 1996 Class

A little information on rechargeable batteries.
Also, here is something on Aluminum.
More on metallurgy soon.

Monday 19 February 1996 Class

Here is a link on quantum control of atoms, etc.

Friday 23 February 1996 Class

Radon information from the US Geological Survey.

Wednesday 13 March 1996 Class

Dupont Nylon page.
Magnetic Resonance Image of a brain.

Friday 15 March 1996 Class

Papers due.

Sunday 31 March 1996

830 PM Elements of Life Poster session -- 2nd Floor Osmond/Davey overpass.
Pikai on Chromium at our three hour marathon session.

Friday 12 April 1996

Scanning probe microscopy (our research) discussion. See my group's main web page and associated links.

Monday 15 April 1996

View biological molecules at NIH's Molecules R Us.
Enzymes -- 3D Views and related links.

Friday 19 April 1996

Meet in 108 Forum with the main Chemistry 13 section (you may come to any of the sections -- 905 AM, 1010 AM or 335 PM.

What's next?

Wednesday 24 April 1996 - Thursday 2 May 1996

Schedule your 45 minute final exam (oral) now!

14 April 1996