58th Annual Physical Electronics Conference

The 58th Annual Physical Electronics Conference was held at Penn State from Sunday 14 June to Wednesday 17 June 1998.

For information, contact the local co-chairs: Renee Diehl or Paul Weiss 

1998 PEC Program

1998 PEC Final Announcement

Last minute information

The Conference on Physical Electronics provides a forum for the dissemination and thorough discussion of important new research results in the physics and chemistry of surfaces and interfaces. The conference will continue to emphasize basic, fundamental science at the atomic and molecular level. Both experimental and theoretical talks are solicited. Representative topics include the electronic, chemical, vibrational, and crystallographic properties of surfaces and interfaces; the kinetics and dynamics of physical and chemical reactions at surfaces; surface relaxation and phase transitions; adsorption onto and diffusion on surfaces; gas-surface interactions; and the atomistic mechanisms of surface and interface growth. Properties of both clean surfaces and those incorporating foreign atoms are of interest, as are new methods of measuring fundamental properties of surfaces and interfaces.

The conference follows a traditional format of 15-minute oral contributed presentations followed by 5-minute discussion periods. The three-day format of the conference limits the total number of contributed oral presentations to about sixty. Apart from Nottingham Prize contestants (see below), a one-page abstract is the sole written submission required of contributors.

Current PEC Executive Committee:

Charles B. Duke, Xerox, General Chair
Janice Reutt-Robey, University of Maryland, Vice Chair
Mei-Yin Chou, Georgia Tech
Richard Kurtz, Louisiana State University, Treasurer
Richard Osgood, Columbia University
Jack Rowe, Army Research Office
Kevin Smith, Boston University
James Tobin, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Marcus Weldon, Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories

PEC Local Organizing Committee for 1998:

Renee Diehl, Penn State University, Co-chair
Paul Weiss, Penn State University, Co-chair
David Allara, Penn State University
Milton Cole, Penn State University
Hai Lung Dai, University of Pennsylvania
Randy Feenstra, Carnegie-Mellon University
Kristen Fichthorn, Penn State University
Barbara Garrison, Penn State University
Norton Lang, IBM Yorktown Heights
Qi Li, Penn State University
Marie Messmer, Lehigh University
Michael Natan, Penn State University
Jay Patel, Penn State University
Nitin Samarth, Penn State University
Roy Willis, Penn State University
Nicholas Winograd, Penn State University
John Yates, Jr., University of Pittsburgh


The 58th PEC was supported in part by the Penn State Chemistry and Physics Departments as well as the Eberly College of Science.

The 59th Annual Physical Electronics Conference will be held in Berkeley, CA -- hosted by Lawrence Livermore National Lab, UC Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley Lab. For information, contact Dr. Jim Tobin, LLNL, the local chairman.
The 60th Annual Physical Electronics Conference will be held in Baton Rouge, LA -- hosted by Louisiana State University and CAMD. For information, contact Prof. Richard Kurtz, LSU, the local chairman.
The 61st Annual Physical Electronics Conference will be held in Taos, NM -- hosted by Sandia Labs. For information, contact Dr. Dwight Jennison, the local chairman.

18 June 1998

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