What is Underneath? Moving Atoms and Molecules to Find Out

P. S. Weiss* and D. M. Eigler*

Nanosources and Manipulations of Atoms Under High Fields and Temperatures: Applications, Vu Thien Binh, N. Garcia and K. Dransfeld, eds., NATO ASI Series E: Applied Sciences 235, 213 (Kluwer Academic, 1993).

We have used the scanning tunneling microscope (STM) to move adsorbates such as benzene molecules and Xe clusters in order to determine their initial adsorption site. This has allowed us to image the initiation of the growth of a Xe surface overlayer, and to identify the sites at which this growth begins. This capability has also allowed us not only to examine the binding sites of the adsorbates, but also to learn the effect that these sites have on the STM images.