Meet the Weiss Group!

group photo

The Weiss Group in front of CNSI, 2014

Left to Right: Lisa Kawakami, Yifeng Qi, Huan Cao, Jason Belling, Andrew Serino, Andrew Guttentag, Natcha Wattanatorn, Xiaotong Li, Jeffrey Schwartz, John Thomas, Mercedes Brianna Cornelius, John Abendroth, Paul S. Weiss, Dominic Goronzy, Nako Nakatsuka, Diana Yugay, Thomas Young, Kevin Cheung, Kris Barr, Liane Slaughter, Shenkai Wang, Alexandra Mendoza, Logan Stewart, and Xiaobin Xu.

Not pictured: Erin Avery, Bea Becerra, Sandy Chen, Matt Gethers, Mahdi Hasani, Liv Heidenreich, Xu Hou, Steven Jonas, Sumana Kaluvai, Melina Mastrodimos, Sara Rahimnejad, Leonardo Scarabelli, Miles Silverman, Dominik Stemer, Gail Vinnacombe, Qing Yang, Matthew Ye, and Chuanzhen Zhao

Graduate Students

JohnA's photo John Abendroth
(jmabendroth >at<
Erin's photo Erin Avery
(erin.avery1 >at<
Kris' photo Kris Barr
(Kristopher.Barr >at<
Jason's PictureJason Belling
(jasonbelling >at<
Kevin's photo Kevin Cheung
(cheung.m.kevin >at<
Matt's photo Matt Gethers
(mattgethers >at<
Dominic's photo Dominic Goronzy
(goronzy.dominic >at<
Liv's photo Liv Heidenreich
(lheiden >at<
LisaK's PictureLisa Kawakami
(lkawakami94 >at<
Melina's photo Melina Mastrodimos
(mbmastrodimos >at<
Alexandra's Picture Alexandra Mendoza
(alexandra.mendoza05 >at<
Nako's photo Nako Nakatsuka
(nnakatsuka >at<
Andrew's Picture Andrew Serino
(andrew.serino >at<
Miles' photo Miles Silverman
(miles.silverman >at<
Dominik's photo Dominik Stemer
(dstemer >at<
Logan's Photo Logan Stewart
(logan.yah >at<
Gail's photo Gail Vinnacombe
(gavinnacombe >at<
Shenkai's photo Shenkai Wang
(shenkaiwang >at<
Natcha's Picture Natcha Wattanatorn
(natcha >at<
Lingbo's photo Lingbo Xing
Peking University
(1401110255 >at<
Qing's Picture Qing Yang
(qingyang1205 >at<
Thomas Young's Picture Thomas Young
(thomasdylanyoung >at<
Diana's Picture Diana Yugay
(yugay >at<
Chuanzhen's PictureChuanzhen Zhao
(chuanzhenzhao >at<

Senior Staff

Mahdi's photo Dr. Mahdi Hasani
Georgia Tech
(mahdi.hasani >at<
Steve's photo Dr. Steven Jonas
Pediatric Oncology
(sjonas >at<
Sara's photo Dr. Sara Rahimnejad
(sara.rahimnejad >at<
Leonardo's photo Dr. Leonardo Scarabelli
(lscarabelli >at<
Xiaobin's photo Dr. Xiaobin Xu
(xxu.uta >at<

Undergraduate Students

Sandy Chen
(sandych3n >at<
Mercedes' PictureMercedes Cornelius
(mercedes_cornelius >at<
Sumana's PictureSumana Kaluvai
(sumanakaluvai >at<
River's PictureRiver Sween
(riverswn1 >at<
Matthew Ye's PictureMatthew Ye
(matthewye >at<
Sichen's PictureSichen Ludwig Zhao
(luxwig >at<


Federico's Picture Prof. Federico Rosei
Canada Fulbright Chair
(rosei >at<
Francisco's Picture Prof. Francisco Zaera
University of California, Riverside
(zaera >at<


Bea Becerra
ACS Nano Journal Assistant

(bea >at<
Holly's photo Holly Bunje
ACS Nano Journal Assistant

(holly.bunje >at<


Paul's photo Paul S. Weiss
(psw >at<

Coming (or Back) Soon

Beth's Picture Prof. Beth Anderson
Hope College
(meanderson >at<


Graduate Student Alumni

Beth's Picture Prof. Beth Anderson
Hope College
(meanderson >at<
Jamie Arnold
(jja5 >at<
Taylor's photo Taylor Aubry
(tayloraubry >at<
Heidi's photo Prof. Heidi Bednar
College of the Canyons
(heidirenate >at<
Meaghan's Picture Dr. Meaghan Blake
Dow Chemical
(ladyblakey >at<
Huan's photo Dr. Huan Cao
UC Merced
(serotonin >at<
Lyndon's photo Lyndon F. Charles
(jahprofile >at<
Sarawut's Picture Prof. Sarawut Cheunkar
King Mongkut University of Technology (sarawut.che >at<
Mike's photo Dr. Michael Cygan
(mcygan >at<
Arrelaine's Picture Dr. Arrelaine Dameron
(arrelaine >at<
Daniel's Picture Daniel Dewey
(dcd162 >at<
Zach's Picture Prof. Zachary Donhauser
Department of Chemistry
Vassar College
(zadonhauser >at<
Terry's Picture Dr. Terry D'Onofrio
Edgewood Research, Development, and Engineering Center
(terrence.donofrio >at<
Leyla's photo Prof. Leyla Esfandiari
(lesfandiari >at<
Chunru's photo Chunru Fan
(cfan >at<
JimF's photo Dr. Jim Ferris
(jimsan >at< ComCAT.COM)
Dan's photo Dr. Dan Fuchs
(dan_fuchs_4 >at<
Andrea's photo Prof. Andrea Giordano
(ang143 >at<
Tracy's photo Tracy Graham
Waters Corp.
(tracybelle >at<
AndrewG's Picture Andrew Guttentag
(aguttentag >at<
Patrick's photo Prof. Patrick Han
Tohoku University Advanced Institute for Materials Research
(pxh >at<
Julia's photo Dr. Julia Heetderks
(juliaheetderks >at<
Nate's photo Dr. Nate Hohman
Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
(hohmanjn >at<
Justin's Picture Dr. Justin Ingram
(jui >at<
Jenny's photo Dr. Jennifer Jackiw
(jjjackiw >at<
Jen's photo Jennifer Johnson
(jenjohnson >at<
Marilyn's photo Dr. Marilyn Kamna
(marilyn_kamna >at<
Moonhee's photo Dr. Moonhee Kim
(moon219 >at<
Vasilis M. Kostakis
(vmk105 >at<
Kyle's photo Dr. Kyle Krom
(Kyle.Krom >at<
Ajeet's photo Dr. Ajeet Kumar
National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi, India
(go4ajeet >at<
Adam's photo Dr. Adam Kurland
(adam.kurland >at<
JimK's photo Dr. James Kushmerick
(james.kushmerick >at<
Jeff's photo Jeff Lawrence
(jlawrenc2 >at<
Penelope's photo Dr. Penelope Lewis
American Chemical Society
(p_lewis >at<
Brent's photo Dr. Brent Mantooth
Edgewood Research, Development, and Engineering Center
(bmantooth >at<
Greg's photo Prof. Greg McCarty
University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University
(gmccarty >at<
Jason's photo Dr. Jason Monnell
University of Pittsburgh
(jmonnell >at<
Amanda's photo Dr. Amanda Moore
(amanda.m.moore >at<
TJ's photo Prof. TJ Mullen
University of North Florida
( >at<
Sanjini's photo Dr. Sanjini Nanayakkara
(Sanjini.Nanayakkara >at<
Bala's Picture Dr. Balakrishna Pathem
Hitachi GST
(bala.pathem >at<
Hector's photo Dr. Hector Saavedra
(hmsaavedra >at<
Jeffrey's photo Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz
(schwartz >at<
Mitch's photo Dr. Mitchell Shuster
(mitchell.shuster >at<
Rachel's photo Dr. Rachel Smith
Life Technologies
(rachel.smitty >at<
Charan's photo Dr. Charan Srinivasan
(charan.s >at<
Stephan's photo Dr. Stephan J. Stranick
(stephan.stranick >at<
John's photo Dr. John C. Thomas
(jct197 >at<
Amit's photo Dr. Amit Vaish
(amitfrompsu2009 >at<
Garrett's PictureGarrett Wadsworth
(gaw210 >at<
Rong's photo Rong Zhang
(christine_rzhang >at<
Yuxi's photo Dr. Yuxi Zhao
(seesea.zhao >at<
Who's Next?

Postdoctoral and Staff Alumni

Lola's photo Lola Belsito
Former Staff
Jo's PictureDr. Joanne Bevilacqua
Former ACS Nano Staff
(jmb >at<
Steve's photo Steve Bumbarger
Former Staff
(sxb10 >at<
Lloyd's photo Prof. Lloyd A. Bumm
University of Oklahoma
(bumm >at<
Ann-Sofie's photo

Prof. Ann-Sofie Cans
Chalmers University
(cans >at<

George's Picture George Chriss
Former Staff
(gschriss >at<
Shelley's Photo Prof. Shelley Claridge
Purdue University
(claridge >at<
Anne's photo
Dr. Anne Counterman
(anne.counterman >at<
Luis's Picture Prof. Luis C. Fernandez-Torres
Notre Dame University
(lcfcayey >at<
Deepee Gerringer
Administrative Assistant and ACS Nano Journal Assistant

(deepee >at<
Susan's Picture Prof. Susan Gillmor
National Institutes of Health
(sdgillmor >at<
Andrew's Picture Dr. Andrew Greenberg
Universtiy of Wisconsin
(greenberg >at<
Jenny's Picture Prof. Jennifer Hampton
Department of Physics
Hope College
(hampton >at<
Patrick's photo Prof. Patrick Han
Assistant Professor
Tohoku University
(RISINGSUN262 >at<
Anat's photo Dr. Anat Hatzor De Picciotto
Former Post-Doc and
National Area Expert in Chemical Advances in Nanolithography:
(AnatD >at<>)
Nate's photo Dr. Nate Hohman
Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
(jnhohman >at<
Xu's photo Prof. Xu Hou
Xiamen University
(houx >at<
Emily Indriolo
Former Staff Scientist:
(eyi101 >at<
Alex's photo
Prof. S. Alex Kandel
Department of Chemistry
Notre Dame University
(S.A.Kandel.1 >at<
Chris' photo Prof. Chris Dolan Keating
Department of Chemistry
Penn State University
(keating >at<
Kevin's photo Prof. Kevin Kelly
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rice University
Jay's photo Dr. Jaemyung Kim
(jmyungkim >at<
Moonhee's photo Dr. Moonhee Kim
IBM Almaden Research Center and Stanford University
(moon219 >at<
Nina's photo Dr. Nina Kovtyukhova
(nina >at<
Dongbo's Picture Dr. Dongbo Li
Hitachi GST
(Dongbo.Li >at<
ShaoChunLi's Picture Dr. Li Shao Chun
Department of Physics
Nanjing University
(scli >at< or >at<
Wei-Ssu's PictureProf. Wei-Ssu Liao
Department of Chemistry
National Taiwan University
(wsliaochem >at<
Dr. Joe Meyer
(meyerja >at<
Morgan's photoFormer Staff Scientist:
Morgan Mihok
Kareem Morris
Administrative Assistant and ACS Nano Journal Assistant

(kareem >at<
Tom's photo Dr. Thomas P. Pearl
(tppearl >at<
Sherman's photo Dr. Sherman Ponder
Matt's Picture
Former Staff Scientist:
Matt Sandel
University of Washington
(mattsandel >at<
Charlie's photo Dr. Erica Schulmann Kane
(ens >at<
Liane's photo Dr. Liane Slaughter
Merkin Family Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow
(slaughter >at<
Charlie's photo Prof. Charlie Sykes
Department of Chemistry
Tufts University
(Charles.Sykes >at<
Jackie's photo Former Staff Scientist:
Jackie Lim-Piu Tan
(lxt139 >at<
Hiro's photo Prof. Hirofumi Tanaka
Kyushu Institute of Technology
(tanaka >at<
Amy's photo
(photo @UIUC)
Former Staff Scientist:
Amy Whelpley
(whelpley >at<
Wei's Picture Prof. Wei Xu
Department of Physics
Tongji University
(xuwei >at<
Tao's Picture Prof. Tao Ye
University of California, Merced
( >at<
Dr. Michael G. Yoshikawa Youngquist
(mgy >at<
Peng Peng's Picture Prof. Peng Peng Zhang
Department of Physics
Michigan State University
(zhang >at<
Yuxi's photo Dr. Yuxi Zhao
(seesea.zhao >at<
Yuebing's PictureProf. Yuebing Zheng
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Texas at Austin
(yzz113 >at<

Undergraduate Student Alumni

Michael J. Abrams
Victor's Picture Victor Aiello
(vja5003 >at<
Beth's Picture Prof. Beth Anderson
Then at Samford University
(meanderson >at<

(Beth was back for grad school and now is back for a sabbatical! See above.)
Jason's PictureJason Belling
University of California, Berkeley
(jasonbelling >at<

(Jason is back for grad school! See above.)
Ivan Baxter
Priya's photo Priya Bhatia
(pbhatia >at<
Chris's photo
Chris Binns
Ithaca College
(cbinns1 >at<
Aimee's photo Aimee Bross (Price)
Ohio State University
(price.798 >at<
Lafone's PictureLafone Brown
(ltb122 >at<
Kevin's PictureKevin Bui
Erin Carter
(emc199 >at<
Phil Cerami
(pjc5000 >at<
Lyndon's photo Lyndon F. Charles
(jahprofile >at<
George's Picture George Chriss
(GChriss >at<
Jacob's PictureJacob Fauman
University of California, Santa Barbara
Ashley's PictureAshley Gibb
(ashleygibb >at<
Megan's Picture Megan Gilbert
(mlg5060 >at<
Molly's photo Molly P. Heyer
Cambridge University
(mph29 >at<
Emily Hiers
(eah012 >at<
Jennifer's PictureJennifer Hinds
(jhinds >at<
Hannah's PictureHannah Lee Hinton
(hhinton >at<
Olivia's PictureOlivia Irving
(olivia.rae.irving >at<
Renée M. Itle
Lee Katrincic
(lmk137 >at<
LisaK's PictureLisa Kawakami
(lkawakami94 >at<
David's PictureDavid Kes
California State University, Long Beach
(davidkes >at<
Read's photo Read Langlois
(rtl117 >at<
Mya's photo Mya LeThai
(lethaitramy >at<
Xiaotong's PictureXiaotong Li
Nankai University
(ulanda1994 >at<
Xiaohan's photo Xiaohan Liu
(hanwan127 >at<
Chris Love's photoProf. J. Christopher Love
(clove >at<
Tarah Lubinski
(tarah_lubs >at<
Jason Lurie
(lurie >at<
Michelle's Picture Michelle Martinez-Rivera
( >at<
Patrick's Picture Patrick McClanahan
(pdmcclanahan >at<
Tanvir Mahmud
Brandon's Picture Brandon Matthews
(brandon.matthews.92 >at<
Kelly McElhinny
(kmm726 >at<
John's Picture John McManigle
(jem443 >at<
Morgan's photo Morgan Mihok
(Later came back on staff!)
Abner J. Mintz
(Abner.Mintz >at<
Liz's Picture Liz Morin
(eim106 >at<
Elizabeth Muth
(ehm109 >at<
Ryan Nevin
Roya's Picture Roya Nezarati
(rmnezara >at<
Michael G. Pirrello
(pirre001 >at<
Chris's PictureChris Pochas
(cmp294 >at<
Marian Popescu
(mxp171 >at<
Sue Prueksaritanond
Yifeng's PictureYifeng Qi
University of Science and Technology of China, now MIT
(qiyf >at<
Rodrigo's Picture Rodrigo Rios
(riosno_40 >at<
Dr. Nancy Santagata
Ohio State University
Mark Schlegel
(stmks03 >at<
Andrew's Picture Andrew Serino
(andrew.serino >at<
Nicole Shedlock
(sxp207 >at<
Jared Swart
Chris's PictureChris Thompson
(cmthompson >at<
Leticia's PictureLeticia Torres
University of San Francisco
Marta Ventura
(mxv176 >at<
Garrett's PictureGarrett Wadsworth
(garrettwadsworth >at<
Roger's photo Roger Wang
Lam Research
(ryw100 >at<
Garrett's PictureLane Weaver
(BlaneW >at<
Alex's photo Dr. Alex Wissner-Gross
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(alexwg >at<
Jeremy's photo Jeremy L. Weeden
Juniata College
(WEEDEJL1 >at<
Fujun Wu
(fxw126 >at<
Chuanzhen's PictureChuanzhen Zhao
Beijing Institute of Technology
(chuanzhenzhao >at<
Hua Zheng's Picture Hua Zheng
(belljayzh >at<

Former High School Students
Haeyon Chong
Jackie Deirmenjian
University of Chicago
Dr. Renée M. Itle

Former Visiting Scientists
Tae Kyung Ahn
Hanyang University Department of Chemistry
Dr. Boaz Alperson
Department of Chemistry
Weizmann Institute of Science
(cpboaz >at<
Heidi's photo Prof. Heidi Bednar
College of the Canyons
(heidirenate >at<
Chris's Picture Prof. Chris Barrett
McGill University
Fulbright Canada Chair
(chris.barrett >at<
Tomas photo Prof. Dr. Tomas Base
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
(tbase >at<
Dr. Chris Carlisle
Department of Chemistry
University of Cambridge
(cic1001 >at<
Yanyan's Picture Dr. Yanyan Chen
(yychen2006 >at<
Fangyi's PictureProf. Fangyi Cheng
Nankai University
(fycheng >at<>)
Dr. Marguerite Ciolkosz
State College Area High School
Jochen's photo Prof. Dr. Jochen Feldmann
(feldmann >at<
Luis's Picture Prof. Luis C. Fernandez-Torres
(lcfernandez >at<
Johan's photo Prof. Dr. Johan Hofkens
KU Leuven
(johan.hofkens >at<
Takeo's PictureProf. Atsushi Ikai
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama
Takeo's Picture Dr. Takao Ishida
(t-ishida >at<
Shana's Picture Prof. Shana Kelley
University of Toronto
Special Fulbright Canada Chair
(shana.kelley >at<
Kevin's photo Prof. Kevin Kelly
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rice University
Sander's photo Sander S. Kommeren
(a.s.kommeren >at<
Sang Min Kim
Hanyang University Department of Chemistry
Haiwon's photo Prof. Haiwon Lee
(haiwon >at<
Hanyang University Department of Chemistry
AndrewLyon's Picture Prof. L. Andrew Lyon
Georgia Tech
(lyon >at<
Dave's Photo David McMillan
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Purdue University
(dgmc >at<
Kazunori Ohashi
Nagoya University Department of Chemistry
(kazunori >at<
Peter's photo Dr. Hans Peter Rust 
Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft .
(rust >at<
Hiroshi's photo
Prof. Hiroshi Sakaguchi
Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University
(sakaguchi >at<
Ted's Picture Prof. Ted Sargent
University of Toronto
Fulbright Canada Chair
(ted.sargent >at<
Tomo's Picture Dr. Tomo Takami
(hgg03601 >at<
VisionArts SpinLab and Dongkuk University, now Hiroshima University
Gary's Picture Dr. Gary Taylor
(gnt1 >at<
Roger's photo Dr. Roger van Zee
Wouter's photo Wouter J. C. Vijselaar
(w.j.c.vijselaar-1 >at<
Glenn's photo Prof. Glenn Vogel 
Department of Chemistry
Ithaca College 
(vogel >at<
Marcus at the ACS Meeting Prof. Marcus Weck
Department of Chemistry
New York University
(marcus.weck >at<
Jiansheng's Picture Prof. Jiansheng Xu
Institute of Electrical Engineering
Chinese Academy of Sciences
(jsxu >at<
Yasuyuki's photo Yasuyuki Yokota
Osaka University
(yyokota >at<
Darrin  >at<  PSU Altoona Prof. Darin Zimmerman
Department of Physics
Penn State Altoona
(dtz1 >at<
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26 May 2017

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