Nanotechnology Approaches to Biology and Medicine | Paul Weiss | 2020NSCW Experts Predict 2021’s Big Chemistry Trends iCANx ACS Spring 2020 Expo Link to Audio Link to Slides 2019 Initiative Nominee (I.N.) for Safety Awards Listening in to microbiomes with nanotechnology Bruins go to downtown Los Angeles to share the big potential of the very […]


Collaborators at UCLA Anastassia Alexandrova, UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Anne M. Andrews, UCLA Departments of Psychiatry and Chemistry & Biochemistry Andrea Bertozzi, UCLA Department of Mathematics Louis Bouchard, UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Gay Crooks, UCLA Departments of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine and Pediatrics Satiro De Oliveira, UCLA Department of Pediatrics Dino […]


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