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iCANX Story Vol.2 – Paul S.Weiss

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Nanotechnology Approaches to Biology and Medicine | Paul Weiss | 2020NSCW

Experts Predict 2021’s Big Chemistry Trends


ACS Spring 2020 Expo

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2019 Initiative Nominee (I.N.) for Safety Awards

Listening in to microbiomes with nanotechnology

Bruins go to downtown Los Angeles to share the big potential of the very small

Nanosized Contributions Making Big Impacts on Microbiome Research—Paul Weiss, PhD—UCLA Microbiome Center

ACS Sensors Cover Article Profile

Introducing Our Authors

What’s the Most Important Unsolved Problem in Chemistry?

How Researchers in Paul Weiss’ Group Challenge Each Other

Nanotechnology brings new challenges, new solutions

Nano’s Unique Interdisciplinarity: A Conversation with Paul Weiss 2019

Advice for Undergrads: A Stories from the NNI Snippet 2019

American Vacuum Society’s (AVS) Nanometer-Scale Science and Technology Division (NSTD) Nanotechnology Award 2019

UCLA physician-scientist to receive $1.25M grant for cancer research 2019

Steven Jonas, a clinical instructor at the David Geffen of School of Medicine, received a $1.25 million grant for his work developing cellular immunotherapies. (Milo Mitchell/UCLA)

Nerd Girl Nation: Season 1, Episode 9: Bio-Physics 2019

Francis Collins says it’s time to end all-male panels. These prominent chemists responded 2019

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at UCLA 2019

YTN Science: KAIST featured in Detail on International Journal 2019

Anne M. Andrews and Paul S. Weiss Public Lecture: Nanotechnology Meets Neuroscience and Medicine 2019

Nanotech And The Future Of Energy: Much Ado About Nearly Nothing 2018



Putting together figures for scientific publications 2018



Advice for peer reviewers of scientific publications 2018



A world of applications from nanomaterials  2018





Happy Chinese New Year 2018 from the American Chemical Society


A world of applications from nanomaterials 2017 


Nano Nugget from the National Nanotechnology Initiative: The impact of nanotechnology on other fields 2016



American Chemical Society, Mastering the Art of Scientific Publication Webinar Series My Most Memorable Authoring Experience C. Bertozzi, P. Kamat, G. Schatz, and P. S. Weiss 2014


World Science Festival, 2014 Kavli Prize Announcement R. Bresser, A. Graybiel, Lord M. Rees, and P. S. Weiss



Chemistry celebrity tic tac toe at the ACS meeting 2014



TED: Our beauty is in our differences: Paul Weiss at TEDxOrangeCoast 2013



ACS Breakthrough Science Episode 1 (2012)



Chemists with Coffee, with Chad Mirkin 2012



ACS Publishing 101 Publishing Your Research 101 Episode 6, Part 2: The Review Process For Authors 2012



ACS Publishing 101 – Publishing 101 Episode 6 Part 1: The Review Process for Reviewers 2012



ACS Publishing 101 – Publishing 101 Episode 5: Ethics in Publishing 2012



Documentary Catching the Invisible Light, P. S. Weiss and Y. Yang, by Erin Li, GE Focus Forward Competition Semifinalist, 2012.


Malaria Vaccines, Looking but Seeing and Nanoscale Electric Cars! 2011

Society Brain Mapping 2011