Chem 20BH

Last Updated (03/13/2020)

Syllabus Chemistry 20BH Winter 2020

Class Recap


Kris Barr

Office Hours:
Wednesdays from 12-1 pm and Fridays from 3-4 pm
Molecular Science 3114

Kris is a seventh year chemistry PhD student in the Weiss group who studies the properties of carbon-gold bonds using scanning tunneling microscopy and vibrational spectroscopies. He has created stable surfaces with different vibrational properties from thermal annealing. His ultimate goal is to create an ambient photon-coupled scanning tunneling microscope, which is capable of simultaneously imaging the topography of surfaces at the sub-Angstrom scale and the vibrational frequency of the molecules on that surface.

In education, Kris is an award-winning TA who has spent the past 4 years creating collaborative learning environments through interactive workshops and discussion sections. Last quarter, Kris created the lesson plans and facilitated the training of teaching education pedagogy to UCLA’s incoming class of chemistry graduate students.

Fun Fact:
Kris spent seven years creating, training, facilitating, and leading educational programs for students of all ages throughout the Disneyland Resort.


Scott Shi

Scott is a second-year chemistry/materials science major with the organic concentration, and aspiring to double major in math of computation. He took 20BH last winter, and designed his final project on the structures of flexible supercapacitors, which can be applied to wearable smart devices. He has consumed as many courses as possible by taking 110A (thermodynamics) and 171 (intermediate inorganic chemistry) last quarter and is taking 113A (quantum chemistry) now. (Usually students take these classes their junior year). Though he is not in a research group yet, he is interested in inorganic chemistry and materials science, and may study more theoretical and computational approaches.

Fun Fact:

Scott did some research into extracting natural substances from plants for sunscreen, but from his perspective today, he thinks it’s very naïve lol.